Untreated Fence

Untreated split rail consists of poplar, pine, oak and other species of hardwood with locust posts. There is going to be a shortage of locust. If not available, they can be substituted with treated pine posts. A trailer load consists of 1050-1300 pieces of fence, considering the species of wood.


Two-Rail Fence

Untreated-2-Rail1Two rail fencing is generally used in residential areas and consists of two 11ft rails with a 5′ 8″ post on 16′ centers, making approximately 36″ high fence.




Three-Rail Fence

Untreated-3-Rail1-300x200Three rail fencing is more likely found in commercial areas and consists of three 11ft rails with a 7″ post on 16in centers making approximately 48″ high fence.




Four-Rail Fence

Four-Rail-Fence-300x176Four rail fencing is available with 7′ or 8′ posts on 12″ centers.







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